Spreader, stamped jelly spreaders, butter knife, jam spreader, nutella spread, breakfast serving knife, jam on, butter my biscuit, lets jam

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Stamped spreaders for jelly, cheese, dips, butter, jams, or nutella stamped with phrases to brighten your day . Delightful play on words stamped across the blade. These are hand stamped using vintage silverware serving pieces. (Patterns may vary) Great for entertaining or perhaps just as a pick me up in the morning while having breakfast. Listing is for individual spreader. You may not receive exactly the pattern shown in picture but saying & style will be replicated. Please remember these are hand stamped on vintage silverware. Be sure to make selection of saying upon checkout. Gift wrapping with short note is available by using this link. https://www.etsy.com/listing/782048986/gift-wrapping-drop-shipping-present