A little about me....

Throughout my travels, meeting and getting to know you, one thing stands out;  you enjoy unique jewelry that brings about a memory and message as much as I do.  You enjoy the memories of those family get togethers, of family members long gone, and the quality of things of years gone by.  Many of you are surprised that many of my designs are made from vintage silverware, and then there are those that will intently look through my selection for their Mother's or Grandmother's pattern.  Just as the jewelry brings about memories for you, it brings a sense of history and family gatherings to me as well.  

My love of silverware jewelry began in the early70's when I saw my first spoon ring.  I couldn't afford the $20 but I felt I could go home and make one, and that I did.  I wear it today, as a reminder of how I started.  It has survived the test of time, as have my bracelet and guardian angel necklace that I wear everyday. 

My husband and I decided to start creating jewelry as a relief from my sign painting business.  For over 20 years I painted signs on slate and wood and offered these at shows throughout the eastern US.  The weight of the product and the extensive set up at shows was wearing on us.  We pondered jewelry for a while and I tried paintedb and beading and one day the light bulb came on.  Create what you love, silverware jewelry.  I had a box of old silverware tucked away for ornaments, so I got them out and the rest is history.  It was magic. My fear of missing my painting soon left, as it is the love of creating that brings me joy. Just looking at a piece of discarded silverware and seeing the possibility of a new bright shiny piece of jewelry is where I find my joy. 

Those that know me know that I lost my dear husband Mike in 2018.  Many felt I would stop my creating and traveling throughout the US offering my jewelry for sale.  It is the opposite, my customers and friends keep me going and I find it keeps him close to me.  I love explaining my inspiration of the vision and how each piece is created and the ease of care. 

Silverware speaks to me and I would love to share my passion with you.  There are always new pieces in the works and I have started a new journey teaching myself silversmithing so that I can create more intricate designs with silver and copper.  Please sign up for e-mails to receive special offers and be one of the first to see new designs.  I think this is a trip we will both enjoy!