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A little about me....

Throughout my travels, meeting and getting to know you, one thing stands out;  you enjoy unique jewelry that brings about a memory and message as much as I do.  You enjoy the memories of those family get togethers, of family members long gone, and the quality of things of years gone by.  Many of you are surprised that many of my designs are made from vintage silverware, and then there are those that will intently look through my selection for their Mother's or Grandmother's pattern.  Just as the jewelry brings about memories for you, it brings a sense of history and family gatherings to me as well.  

I have been creating for most of my adult life.  From making wreaths for gifts, crocheting or painting on slate and wood to create custom signs at shows and online.   And now there is jewelry…. 

I created my first piece of silverware jewelry back in the early 70's, inspired by a young man set up by the road in a VW bus (no I'm not kidding)  He had the most brilliant display of sparkling silver spoon rings and I just had to have one, but alas, I had no money.  After torturing several pieces of silverware I completed my ring.  I still wear it today, and have done so for most of the past 49 years.  So this is how my business began; taking a stash of old silverware and trying my hand at silverware jewelry.  

My husband joined in the process and we were off.  He found he loved creating too but his favorite task was schmoozing the women. He would hold court with women putting their wrists out for him to show them the ease in wearing one of our bracelets.  We traveled in our RV all over the US, doing shows from Texas to Massachusetts and from Florida to upstate New York. We loved sharing our designs and meeting new people and exploring great places.  I have to say, it was some of the best times of my life.

I lost my husband a few years back.  To say it was a change would be an understatement, but I decided to continue this thing we loved to do together.  Today I still travel in my RV and enjoy meeting new people, and sharing memories with the friends from years past. 

I hope you enjoy my labor of love. I would love to share my future adventures so please sign up for my e-mail list for announcements of new designs, when I will be in your neighborhood and highlights of my experiences on the road.  I promise, I won't spam you.  I'm too busy enjoying life.