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Silverware upcycled knife, flower bud vase, magnetic, Mommy vase, refrigerator magnet

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You know you have all been there, you are cooking away, or reading your favorite book and in comes your child or grandcild with the find of the century. That flower they just had to pick because you mean that much to them. "Here Mommy, I picked this for you." Now be it a real flower, weed or those lovely dandelions you just can't throw it away, so what to do with it? A mommy vase, made from a hollow upcycled butter knife from times gone by. This lovely mini bud vase has a strong magnet to hold to your fridge or range hood, most any metal surface. Waterproof so you can even add a drop to preserve this moment of adoration. Size varies depending on pattern and each one is handmade, so no 2 will be identical. Great gift for Mom or Grandma.