Whale tail bracelet, mermaid jewelry, sea glass, spoon jewelry, beach ware, dolphin jewely silverware, nautical bracelet, dolphin tail

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This lovely whale tail, mermaid or dolphin tail spoon bracelet was made from a spoon handle and soup spoon bowl. I hand cut each one, and etch the pattern by hand. I have attached a piece of seafoam green sea glass. This is not fake sea glass, the real deal. Do you know the significance of the sea glass? Folklore says it represents the tear a mermaid sheds when a mariner loses his life at sea. Also attached is a silver mermaid charm. Now these are handmade and no two will be identical. The spoon handles might vary as well as the cut pattern of the whale tail. But I assure you, the design will be of top notch standards. A very strong rare earth magnet is attached for secure ease of wearing. This bracelet is available in both medium and large. Please make that size choice before checking out.